Aeration & Overseeding

What We Do


The liquid aeration process we utilize is cutting edge technology that creates fissures in the topsoil to drive more oxygen through.  The aeration process allows for a deeper rooting system  and promotes healthier grass by providing the ability for roots to reach key nutrients necessary for a healthy lawn. This new and proven process has produced consistent and positive results with all of our clients and is mess free leaving your yard enjoyable and great looking.


During spring and fall we provide overseeding service to residential customers.  When overseeding in the fall it is ideal to have this service performed no later than the last two weeks of September to give adequate time for germination before first frost. We custom blend premium quality seed that is a mixture of turf type tall fescue and kentucky blue grass.  Our blend of seed will produce disease resistance grass with a deep green color that is highly tolerant to drought and wear and is ideal for both sun and shade.  Typical germination is approximately 18-21 days.

Our Process

We measure the area of your yard for aeration and overseed to calculate the amount of product needed for service.  Once the calculations have been performed we spray the aeration application immediately followed by spreading the seed with a spreader.  First we make a trim pass around the perimeter of your property on a drop setting and then switch to broadcast setting to ensure uniformity.  This process prevents seeding lines.  If large portions of the yard is bare we will cover the seed with peat moss for protection. The seed rate used is 80% of a special blend of three different turf type Tall Fescue's and 20% of premium Kentucky Blue Grass. We do not use any perennial Rye grass but will make that accommodation if requested. Once the seed has been applied it is necessary to water lightly on a daily basis until seed germinates. It is highly recommended to apply starter fertilizer to grass once germination takes place.

The Benefit


Soil will not be as compacted and will retail moisture better.

Lawn will not pool after irrigation or rain.

Revitalizes lawn, course corrects worn spots and thatch build up.  

Liquid aeration has a deep impact on soil and promotes a healthy root system.

Helps build a thicker lawn faster and reduces the chance of new weeds sprouting.


Withstands disease and drought better.

More tolerant to shade and traffic.

Less water, fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides needed.

More cost effective overall.

Greatly improves appearance.

Your Cost


Aeration prices are dependent on square footage but generally cost between $60 and $90 up to half acre.  


Seed is $25 per 1,000 square feet and an generally the application fee is $30 to $50 up to half acre.