What we do

Unfortunately not all yards are equal due to different factors such as soil quality and turf health.  Because of this we offer three different fertilization programs that will focus on the specific needs of your yard. All three programs start in the spring and run through fall. The first program is slow release granular products that focuses on macro nutrients. The second program is liquid products that focus on secondary and micro nutrients. And the third is a combination of the two.  Once we evaluate the need of your yard we will formulate a plan of action that is best suited for your yard to be healthy and appealing.

Our Process

Because all yards are not equal we do not pre-formulate blanket plans based on this knowledge.  What is needed or works in one yard does not guarantee success in all.  Blanket plans can be costly, uneffective and can be counter productive to your yards particular needs or might need to be adjusted throughout the growing season.  Once we evaluate your yards condition we use the information collected to formulate an optimal course of action to achieve and maximize desired results. We will partner with you after our evaluation to discuss the proposed plan of action, address any of your concerns and answer any questions.  Once that step is complete we will move forward with the fertiiization process and will update you if a different course of planned action is needed.

The Benefit

Over time all lawns lose nutrients needed for optimal health and regular fertilization provides those much needed nutrients.  Nutrients not only to keep your lawn lush, dark green and enjoyable but minimize a variety of pesky weeds like crab grass and disease such as problematic fungus.  Hiring a professional fertilization company takes the guessing game out the proper fertilizers to use, how much and at what time of year.  Less weed control will be needed promoting an eco friendly and safe environment for your family and pets. We use 100% organic fertilizers that will not harm any existing plants, your pets or family.

Your Cost

Our price is for an area up to 7,000 sq feet.  If weed control is added with fertilization and both services are performed simultaneously only one application fee will be charged when using similar product type such as granular but does not include cost of weed control product.  Three seasonal fertilization applications (April, July, & October) are $190.00.  Fertilization and weed control programs runs approximately $400.