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Lawn Mowing

What We Offer

We proudly offer walk behind mowing services, up to 15,000 sq feet, on a weekly basis. Our walk behind mowing service is ideal for those yards that does not accommodate large commercial mowers well or for clients who do not prefer the look of commercial mowing.  We also provide accommodations if requested for the rapidly growing spring season and offer mowing every 4-5 days.  We will also make adjustments during dormant periods and in late fall when grass growth slows to every 10-14 days .   During periods of lawn dormancy we will still trim the usual areas for a lesser fee. Unfortunately we do not offer biweekly, monthly or one time mows at this time.

What We Do

Our lawn mowing clients will be assigned a specific day during the week according to our city route's.  A team of two will arrive on the scheduled day to perform service unless notified by customer requesting a service change of date or if weather does not permit. During cases of rainy weather it is possible we will mow late into the day or potentially the next day. 

Our Process

Our standard mowing service also provides trimming of walkways/driveway and blowing.  We will edge landscape also when requested. We will mow at any height requested but traditionally we mow at 3 inches during the growing season, April through July, and 3.5 inches during the hot dormant periods, July and August. Once the fall season is in progress we gradually lower the settings of the mower until the height is 2 inches. Each time mowing service is provided we change the direction of the previous mowing pattern when possible.

The Benefit

There are several reasons why we make adjustments to the mowing process throughout the year. Mowing more often in the spring creates healthier grass that will subdue the weaker grass and promote a thicker and stronger lawn. Also it allows the soil to absorb nutrients which promotes a more uniform appearance. During dormant periods of the summer, typically July and August, less mowing at a higher height is needed in order for the root system to to stay healthy.  Mowing too often or too short will damage the lawn making it harder to recover.  On the last mow of the year we cut to the lowest recommended setting to avoid diseases that could arise in the spring. Each time, when possible, we mow in a different direction to promote growth, reduce weeds, avoid disease and fungus and generally achieve a better overall appearance.

Your Cost

Lawns 3,000-4,500 sq ft = $33.00

Lawns 4,500-6,000 sq ft = $36.00


Lawns 6,000-7,000 sq ft = $39.00


Lawns 7,000-8,000 sq ft = $42.00


Lawns 8,000-9,000 sq ft = $45.00

Lawns 9,000-10,000 sq ft = $48.00

Lawns 10,000-11,000 sq ft = $51.00

Lawns 11,000-12,000 sq ft = $54.00

Lawns 12,000-13,000 sq ft = $57.00

Lawns 13,000-14,000 sq ft = $60.00

Lawns 14,000-15,000 sq ft = $63.00

Lawns 15,000-16,000 sq ft = $66.00

All prices are generalized.  Amount of trimming/edging, degree of difficulty or special requests will be evaluated during initial visit for estimate.