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Recurring Cleaning

What we offer

Our light cleaning is a service we offer to maintain a level of cleanliness in your home.  Generally this cleaning service is for customers who need basic surfaces cleaned and require an ongoing cleaning service maintenance. For homes that have not had a regular cleaning service and require extra attention a deep clean service is recommended but not required. We offer our light cleaning service as a weekly, biweekly or monthly option but do not offer it as a one time service.  Standard cleaning includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping, emptying trash, cleaning sinks, toilets, tubs/showers, mirrors, counters, appliances and other general cleaning throughout the house.  If there is a specific service you require please bring that to our attention during our initial meet and greet.

Our Process

Depending on the amount of time it takes to complete the cleaning service two to three crew members will arrive at a regularly scheduled time with all of our own eco friendly products to perform maintenance. We only use high quality eco friendly products, unless otherwise requested and provided, to minimize the indoor pollution and allergens.  Each room will be serviced top to bottom with flooring being last. We do provide special attention to kitchens and bathrooms with the understanding of how much use those rooms receive between scheduled cleaning services.  

Your Cost

All prices are generalized and based on our experience.  There are many factors to consider such as amount of content, pet hair and special requests.

2500 sq ft =$125 approximately 2-3 bedrooms/1-2 bathrooms

4250 sq ft = $155 approximately 3-4 bedrooms/3-4 bathrooms

6000 sq ft =$185 approximately 4-5 bedrooms/4-5 bathrooms

7000 sq ft+ = $215 approximately 5-6 bedrooms/5-6 bathrooms

Over half of our clients do not request their entire home to be serviced which allows them to focus on areas of concern such as primary living areas, kitchen and bathrooms.  We partner with our clients to make sure that all of their needs are satisfied.  We do not require a home be deep cleaned prior to first service.  However the majority of homes without previous cleaning service do need a significant amount of attention to the bathrooms and kitchen during the first service and the cost is usually 1.5x that of a biweekly service.

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