Residential Snow Removal

What We Do

We provide reliable snow removal service on a per time basis.  When snowfall ends and accumulation reaches at least 2 inches we arrive within 24 hours to clear

your driveways and sidewalks. We strive to have your service complete by 6 pm.

At your request we will provide eco-, pet and kid friendly de-icer to your driveway, sidewalk, deck and patio as well.

Snow removal can also be performed on decks and patios for an additional fee.

Our Process

Our service will be performed with any combination of snowblowers, shovels, leaf blowers and brooms dependent on total snow accumulation.  

When de-icer is requested we will apply the product by hand or spreader. The de-icer works within minutes and is long lasting. Although the product is eco friendly it does contain sodium chloride and cannot be used on concrete less than a year old.  If your concrete is new please inform us and we will substitute with another eco friendly de-icer that is safe for new concrete.

The Benefit

These are a few benefits of hiring a professional snow removal service. 


You do not have to stress over having time to clear your property.  

No need to get out in the cold during snowstorms or holidays.

There is no risk for injuries, concern for health condition, unwanted doctor's visits,  unneeded insurance claims or expensive city bills.

Your Cost

All prices are generalized and dependent on size of area to be cleared and degree of difficulty.  Our method of pricing considers amounts of time, gas and equipment size required to complete the service. Call for a free estimate.

Snow accumulations of:

2-4 inches = $35-50

5-7 inches = $45-60

8-10 inches = $55-70

11-13 inches = $65-80