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Spring & Fall Clean Up

What We Offer

During our spring and fall clean up we remove all leaves and debris from your lawn and landscape beds, trim/prune shrubs/bushes, remove any dead vegetation, mow, trim and edge your lawn.  When requested we offer a variety of other services such as planting/transplanting in order to promote a healthier lawn and revitalized landscape. We will also provide haul away if your town requires you to do so. 

What We Do

Leaf Removal

Mulch- Mulching leaves offers a variety of benefits.  Mulched leaves are free organic matter that acts as a natural fertilizer and weed control agent. It is useful for lawns, flower beds, gardens or can be used as compost.  Since less time and work goes into mulching leaves it is more cost effective and keeps them out of landfills as well. We will blow and bag any excess leaves.

Rake- For those who have an excessive amount of leaves, too much thatch or concern over a tidy appearance then leaf raking would be a great option. One of the benefits of raking leaves is removing some build up thatch in your yard. Some thatch helps protect roots, but excessive thatch prevents moisture, oxygen and nutrients from penetrating the soil.  Removing thatch is only recommended during the fall and prior to overseeding.

Landscape Beds

Our Process

The Benefit

Your Cost

Plant & Transplant- Fall months of September and October are a great time for planting spring-blooming bulbs, perennials and shrubs.  The cooler air temperatures coupled with soil warmth is easier on the plants and provides enough time for roots to grown until the first hard frost.  It is also a great time to get some deeply discounted items at a local nursery. If fall planting was a missed opportunity for you we will provide our service in the spring as well.


Shrub Pruning- It is a common misconception that pruning should occur during the fall but the best time to prune the majority of your bushes and shrubs is early to late spring.  Most others such as lilacs or flowering blooms, need pruned immediately after blooming. If fall pruning is requested it is ideal to have the service performed early October to prevent any damage to the plant.

Debris Removal- Accumulated branches can contain fungal material that survive the winter season and infect, damage or inhibit spring growth. During our spring and fall debris clean up process we remove all branches and debris from your lawn and landscape bed to promote an appealing and healthy environment.

Leaf Removal- We will  arrive two different times in the fall to remove leaves, once when about half of the leaves have fallen and again when they are completed. Depending on your request we mulch, blow, rake or a combination of those to remove leaves.  If raking is requested we bag all leaves and leave in a designated area on your property for your disposal or we can haul away if your town requires to do so. If leaf removal is requested in the spring please call for a free estimate.

Plant & Transplant- We recommend the fall as the best time for planting and transplanting since the weather is cooler and the plants will not require as much water or any fertilizer.  The day prior to a transplant service we suggest to water the plants being moved to reduce shock and stress. Fall is also a great time to plant spring blooming bulbs, shrubs and perennials. We will also perform these services during the spring when requested.

Shrub Trimming- In early spring while your shrubs and hedges are still dormant we will shear off old/thin growth, dead, diseased and damaged stems as well as suckers and water sprouts.  We perform this service in the spring since it is unlikely that shrubs grown for foliage will harden off before winter when pruned in the fall.

Debris Removal- During spring or fall we will remove all debris from your lawn or landscaping that include leaves, sticks, dead foliage and garbage. We bag all debris and leave in a designated area on your property for your disposal or we can haul away if your town requires to do so for an extra fee.

Leaf Removal- Midwest cool season lawns are revitalized during the fall and by removing leaves we allow our lawn air flow to breath and provided the ability to soak up water and much needed nutrients.  Leaf removal also prevents insect infestation, diseases and problems such as snow mold and brown patch. Mulching leaves are environmentally friendly and cost effective since the work load is lighter and no extra resources such as bags, city stickers or haul away will be required.

Plant & Transplant- Some benefits of transplanting are there could be more optimal conditions in other areas of landscape beds such as more/less sunlight, better drainage areas and less competition for space. Planting shrubs provides a height variation between plants and trees giving a design interest to your landscape.  They also can provide food and shelter to birds and butterflies.  Plants and flowers are beneficial to the environment, create a visual and curb appeal and provide a sense of pride in creating a beautiful space.

Shrub/Bush Trimming- Whether we clean, prune or shape your shrubs or hedges there is benefits to each service.  Cleaning up and pruning removes diseased, dead or dying and stray branches.  It also controls the size of the plant and promotes a healthy and thicker growth and giving them a shaped appearance is overall more appealing that plants with irregular growth.

Debris Removal- Keeping your yard and landscape beds free from debris will reduce risk of fungal diseases that can damage your lawn and possibly destroy plants/flowers in landscape beds.  Damage caused by fungal disease can be costly and frustrating for home owners.  Even after the fungal disease(s) are under control the damage has been done and there will be turf grass to repair and/or plants/flowers to replenish. Keeping yourself and your yard safe is always a best practice.

For our spring landscape clean up service the general pricing is dependent on amount of landscaping and if a previous fall clean up was performed.

Lawns 3,000-5,900 sq ft = $100-$150

Lawns 6,000-8,900 sq ft = $150-$200


Lawns 9,000-11,900 sq ft = $200-$250

Lawns 12,000-16,000 sq ft = $250-$300

For our fall landscape clean up service the general pricing is dependent on amount of landscaping and leaves but generally runs 2x the cost of spring clean up.

For our fall leaf removal service the general pricing for most yards runs between $175 and $250 per visit but is dependent on leaf accumulation.