Weed Control

What We Do

Our weed control program begins in early spring and goes through late summer.  The program is designed with four applications of different types of professional grade product with each application targeting specific weeds growing at certain times of the year.  The first two applications are granular products that are designed for pre emergence in early spring and then pre and post emergence in late spring.  During July and August we spot spray a weed killing liquid cocktail to control the weeds that emerge during the hottest and most humid months of the year.  If the lawn is more than 50% overgrown with weeds prior to start of service another round of pre emergent might be required in the fall.

Our Process

In the early spring we apply a round of pre emergent granular herbicide to deter the development of a variety of  broadleaf and grassy weeds such as crabgrass and spurge.  Since different types of weeds appear at various times, during late spring another type of application is applied that contains a pre and post emergent granular herbicide.  This application will deter any new development and will also perform as a weed killer.  During the hot and humid months of July and August we spot apply a tri-blend of herbicides to kill the excessive amount of various weeds that emerge during this time of year.  These weeds can be very problematic and cause unsightly lawns that overtake the grass in certain areas.  For lawns that have fallen into the danger zone of being primarily overgrown with weeds prior to our spring application another round of pre emergent might be necessary in the fall.

The Benefit

All yards have some weeds but a yard with an excessive amount of weeds can cause damage to your healthy grass and overtake your lawn in a single season. Hiring a weed control service company provides many benefits and takes the costly guess work on a trial and error basis away.  Your pre and post emergent will be applied at the right time with professional grade products and at the appropriate rates.  The annoying midsummer weeds will not create havoc in your lawn leaving you frustrated. Grass that does not have to compete with weeds for nutrients will be greener and healthier and has a better overall appearance.

Your Cost

Our price is for an area up to 7,000 sq feet.  If fertilization is added with weed control and both services are performed simultaneously only one application fee will be charged. Four applications of weed control (April, May, July & Aug) will cost $265.00.  Weed control and fertilization program runs approximately $400.00.