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Window Cleaning

What we offer

Our window cleaning service is dedicated to keeping the interior and exterior of your windows clean and streak free.  We recommend to have your windows serviced at least once per year.   A routine maintenance program is more cost effective and produces a higher level of results. Although it is designed to be a stand alone service and is not included in our cleaning packages it can be added to any of the cleaning services we offer. We offer four different packages to choose from to fit your needs.

What We Do

Although we can give a rough estimate over the phone based on how many windows are in the home, we always visit the home for an onsite evaluation.  Various elements are considered when providing an accurate estimate such as height of home, accessibility and overall condition of windows.  The onsite evaluation gives us an opportunity to discuss with clients any needs or concerns and allows us to determine the best method for completing the job. To ensure that customers are provided with the type of service needed we offer four window cleaning packages to choose from.

Our Process

We only use window cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly and will not harm your windows, pets, family or landscape.  We keep the task of cleaning outside windows simple by using a small ladder, if needed, for the lower windows and by using poles to clean the second story windows.  Outside windows accumulate more dirt than inside and often we perform a precise substance removal process to the outer windows to ensure they are clean. When providing inside and outside service the windows of homes will often tilt in and the process of servicing both is performed at the same time. Otherwise our crew will work on the inside and out simultaneously. If a track and sill service is requested, while cleaning windows we will use a variety of brushes and solutions to remove all dirt and debris.  With our screen cleaning service we remove all of them when possible and utilize a variety of methods depending on the overall condition of the screen and type of mesh.

The Benefit

Window cleaning regularly removes contaminants and extends window life by preventing scratches, chips and cracks. With our cleaning we examine each window for damaged seals that can cause leaks, fogging and condensation which can lead to higher energy bills and mold issues. Windows that are jammed can cause issues if they are needed to be opened for ventilation or in case of emergency. We always alert our customers of any issues we find with each window. Our services is safer and much more effective than do it yourself.  Hiring a professional service is also hassle free and provides more time for yourself.

Your Cost


Outside only



Basic Plus

Inside & Out



Basic Plus with

Tracks & Sills



Deluxe & Screens


For our employees safety we do not utilize ladders for windows above ground floor level. All window cleaning for upper levels will be performed with extension poles.  

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