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Deep Cleaning

What we offer

Our deep cleaning service is intended for homes that require extra attention to areas usually not serviced regularly, unseen or hard to reach areas.  The deep clean service does include everything our light cleaning offers plus so much more.  If there is a specific service you require please bring that to our attention during our initial meet and greet. Also, if there is a certain product you require please inform us of that as well.  Our goal is to provide you with complete satisfaction and to present you with a home that is cleaned the way you want.

Our Process

Depending on the amount of time it takes to complete the service two or more crew members will arrive with all of our own eco friendly products to perform the deep clean service.  We only use high quality products and currently do not use any others, unless necessary, during our deep clean service.  This is due to our extensive experience with these products and the knowledge of how each product will perform in certain circumstances.  Ceiling fans or globes that cannot be reached will be dusted with an extension pole.  Although we do not move larger furniture such as beds, china cabinets or grandfather clocks we do use specials tools to reach behind and under these larger pieces.  Each room will be deep cleaned at every angle from top to bottom. 

Your Cost

Deep cleaning services will be estimated per job and calculating costs cannot be accurately predetermined without visiting the service locations.  A rough estimate, considering the home has been maintained, is approximately 2-3x the cost of a light clean and includes some tasks such as wiping outside of all cabinets, dusting walls, doors, blinds, window ledges, baseboards, vents, knickknacks, edging floors, cleaning ceiling fans, sanitizing light switch plates and doorknobs. 

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