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Deep Cleaning

What we offer

Our deep cleaning service includes our basic clean and is designed for homes that need attention to or prevention of build up in areas that are not easily visible.  It is designed to cover every aspect of the home's interior from top to bottom.  The deep clean service is offered as a one time service, quarterly, biannual or annual.  

What We Do

Our Process

Depending on the amount of time it takes to complete the service two or more crew members will arrive with all of our own eco friendly products to perform the deep clean service.  We only use high quality eco friendly products and currently do not use any others during our deep clean service.  This is due to our extensive experience with these products and the knowledge of how each product will perform in certain circumstances or with which type of material being cleaned such as counters, showers and flooring. We will wipe every ceiling fan and light globe within reach of a five foot step ladder.  Ceiling fans or globes that cannot be reached will be dusted with an extension pole.  Although we do not move larger furniture such as beds, china cabinets or grandfather clocks we do use specials tools to reach behind and under these larger pieces.  Each room will be cleaned at every angle from top to bottom with floors being last.  When we feel we are finished we perform a final walk before cleaning the main floor prior to leaving.

The Benefit

There are many reasons for needing or wanting a deep clean service performed.  Some of our clients have the service gifted to them from friends or family.  Others inherited a home or might be purchasing or listing their home for sale and require the service.  By hiring a professional service you don't have to spend a significant amount of time and energy anguishing over an unpleasant and tedious task .Whatever the case might be a deep clean service of your home feels distinctive and completely refreshing. When you enter your home after a deep clean you can feel the pleasant difference and your morale lifts instantly. 

Your Cost

Deep cleans will be estimated per job and calculating costs cannot be accurately predetermined without visiting the service locations.  A rough estimate can be surmised using the following information.  We offer 3 different packages to choose from for our clients convenience.  The first package generally is 3x the cost of a light clean and includes dusting walls, doors, blinds, window sills and cleaning ceiling fans. Generally the second package is 4x the cost of a light clean and includes package 1 plus dusting all knickknacks, dusting baseboards and edging floors. Generally package 3 is generally 5x the cost of a light clean and includes the previous packages plus cleaning the inside/outside of kitchen/bathroom cabinets and refrigerator.  All packages include our standard cleaning service.